This article is about treasure chests from Swindler. For treasure chests from other games, please see Treasure chests.

Treasure chests
Treasure chest 1 - Swindler
Ability Completing the level
Game(s) Swindler and Swindler 2

Treasure chests are interactive objects in the Swindler series.


Treasure chests appear as brown boxes that are shaped like a treasure chest. The box is secured with three purple metal straps and a golden lock. Gold trimming also encases the entire box. On the inside, many circular gold coins can be found.

Game information

Swindler explains lifting

The message if Swindler is not attached to his cord

Treasure chests are found at the end of every level in the Swindler series. must move downward on his cord and come in contact with the treasure chest in order to complete the level. Swindler can only lift it when he is attacked to his cord, and if the player gets near the chest when they are not attached to the cord, Swindler will say "I can't lift such a heavy lid without my cord!".

When Swindler touches the treasure chest while his cord is attached, he will rub his hands together, then grab and heave the top open, creating a brief white flash, and then revealing the gold coins. The coins will spray up, spill out, fade into white coins, and then disappear (ending the level). The player must make it to the treasure chest at the end of the level in order to progress to the next level, and, in the case of the last level, to complete the game.



  • On the front page of, the short clip advertising Swindler and Swindler 2 both showed Swindler picking up a treasure chest and carrying it away, when in the games, Swindler could not do this- he could only lift open the top of the treasure chest.

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