This article is about treasure chests from Mutiny. For treasure chests from other games, please see Treasure chests.

Treasure chests
Treasure Chest Mutiny
Points One item or more
Game(s) Mutiny

Treasure chests are interactive objects in the game Mutiny.


A treasure chest is made of a red coloured wood, and has silver metal linings. Treasure chests have a lock where the metal linings meet and a skull above that. All edges also are covered with metal linings. Treasure chests look similar to the ones in the game Powerup.

Game information

Treasure chests are items that fall from the sky that contain ammunition and often other weapons. When a chest is going to fall, trumpets will sound, and a treasure chest will fall from the sky. On the map, the treasure chest appears as a yellow square. When the player opens a treasure chest, the maximum ammo they can get for any weapon is three ammo. After a treasure chest is opened, it will disappear.


  • Treasure Chests have actually appeared again in the game Castle Corp, where they serve the same purpose.
  • Computer controlled pirates tend to be able to successfully grab treasure chests while in the air with exceptional precision, even when they are quite far off and hard to reach when the player tries.

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