This article is about treasure chests from Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage. For treasure chests from other games, please see Treasure chests.

Treasure chests
Treasure chest
Ability Grant coins when it lands on the drakkar, affected by gravity
Points Three coins
Game(s) Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage

Treasure chests are interactive objects in the game Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage.


Treasure chests are large wooden chests with metal trim. The chest has a large golden lock on its front that can only be smashed by the Icebreaker.

Game information

Treasure chests appear in some levels of the game, and usually require a challenge to obtain. In those levels, the player has to take the treasure chests to the drakkar along with the Vikings to earn three coins. Treasure chests only appear once in each level, and sometimes appear with regular coins as well.

In levels where the goat herder appears, if a treasure chest lands in his boat, the goat herder will smash the treasure chest to reveal the coins, and despite the fact that the treasure chest is not on the Drakkar, the player will still obtain the coins. If Magnet of the Gods is used, the treasure chest will become attracted to any nearby viking.

Other appearances

  • Icebreaker skin - A treasure chest appears on a rocky island. Another treasure chest appears frozen in an ice block.

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