This article is about treasure chests from Blast RPG. For treasure chests from other games, please see Treasure chests.

Treasure chests
BRPG treasure chest
Ability Release coins and gems
Game(s) Blast RPG

Treasure chests are interactive objects in the game Blast RPG.


Treasure chests look like the standard treasure chest shown in most Nitrome games. The main part of the chest is made of dark green wood, while the casing and lock are metallic.

Game information

If the boy knight makes contact with the treasure chest, a multitude of coins will scatter, and the boy knight will pick them up. Usually, coins and gems will spawn from them. The Boy Knight cannot open a treasure chest if his item toolbar is full.


Main article: Mimic

There is a variation of the treasure chest that attacks called the Mimic. It tries to trick the boy knight into touching it to get coins. However, after touching the boy knight, the chest will begin to attack the boy knight. 

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