Attack Nose poke (-10 HP)
Health 40 HP
Points High EXP
Game(s) Blast RPG

Treants are enemies in the game Blast RPG.


Treants have the appearance of trees with a face. They have large black bushy eyebrows, two black hollow holes for eyes, and a saddened expression beneath their branch as a nose. Brown branches stick out from the top of their green leaves, and four brown roots lay exposed beneath them.

Game information

Treants are enemies introduced in level four of Blast RPG. Treants are plant based enemies, meaning that they are weak to fire based attacks, provided that the player uses a fire weapon. Upon their first appearance, treants are the most difficult enemy. It is best advised that the player has a fire weapon or flee tool by level four so they can avoid a conflict (or resolve) with a treant as easily as possible and avoid death.


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