Traps are hazards in Knight Trap.

General appearance

Traps buttons have an image of the trap to signify which trap is which. Wooden buttons have their icon on a wooden plank attached to three upwards facing planks, while brick buttons have the icon on a reddish block.

General game information

Traps are one of the core mechanics in Knight Trap. Traps are also used often in the sequel, Office Trap. In every level of Knight Trap, buttons appear on platforms, these buttons triggering traps when the trap button is pressed. Trap buttons come in two forms: wooden and brick.

Traps cannot be deactivated or destroyed once triggered. Most of the time, two buttons may have a wooden or brick platform between them, and either stepping on the button or the platform between the two buttons will trigger the trap. Traps come in many different shapes and sizes, and will usually come from either the left or right part of the screen. A Trap activated will only be active on the platform it was triggered on, and for it to be active on other platforms another version of the button has to be pressed.

Some traps can be avoided, while others cannot. When a trap touches a knight, it will interact with the knight, killing him or affecting the knight's movement, though the knight may die differently depending on the trap. Some Traps come in two colours. Some traps are non-harmful to the player, and will instead affect the knight's movement.




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