Transformers getting powered up.
Species Robots
Level(s) All levels
Game(s) Powerup

The transformers[1] are the main characters of Powerup.


There are two transformers in every level, each being made of blue-ish metal. Transformers have large windows, which are some times assumed to represent 'eyes', that are large, round, and orange or purple (depending on which transformer it is).

They also have a meter bar that signifies the amount of electricity they have collected; these can also be assumed to be the 'mouth'.

Game information

There are always two transformers seen in each level, one with electricity stored inside of it, and the other not powered. Throughout the levels, the player helps power the other transformer by creating a circuit, often with metal blocks.

These two characters are often buried in the ground, with only a small portion of them visible.

At the end of the game, it was revealed that the robots are only made up of a head, and that the player all along was helping them put together an army to invade a city.


  1. Game's description: Connect metal blocks to transfer energy between transformers

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