This article is about trains from Off the Rails. For trains from Dirk Valentine, please see Trains (Dirk Valentine).

Attack Death on contact
Abilities Moving forward horizontally
Health One blow
Game(s) Off The Rails

Trains are enemies in the game Off The Rails.


The train appears as a traditional old Western United States steam locomotive, of a 4-2-0 wheel arrangement, and painted black and red. It was likely similar to a train that would have crossed the country during the 1800's. There is an icon of a skull seen in the middle of the train.

Game information

When the train approaches the cactus men, a steam whistle is heard. Like all enemies in Off The Rails, it explodes on contact with the cacti. It appears in levels ten, fourteen, sixteen, and nineteen, with two trains in level nineteen that the player has to keep pace with to stay alive.

The player has to try to keep far away from the train, the player should try to get to the finish quickly, since most trains will be behind the player. Trains move at a medium pace, and can be outrun by the player. Going up or down slopes will not effect their speed, and enemies will not cause them to explode.


  • In level nineteen, it is possible for the handcar to jump over a train.

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