Tractor beams
Ability Pull objects toward themselves
Game(s) Cheese Dreams Demo

Tractor beams are interactive objects in the Cheese Dreams Demo.


Tractor beams have two parallel bases that emit a light-blue laser beam. The bases consist of a teal base attached to a glass dome.

Inside the glass dome is the generator for the beam, which appears as three dark blue trapezoids stacked on top of each other. On the top of the smallest trapezoid, a bright white beam of power is being generated.

Out of the generator comes a white dot with smaller white dots seemingly being sucked into the bigger dot, this generation forming the laser. The beam itself is a thick white stripe with a smaller white stripe curving through it. It also creates a transparent teal haze that makes up most of the thickness of the beam.

Game information

The tractor beam is  found only in the Cheese Dreams Demo, and appears to go through any platform unless one of the tractor beam generators is in the way.

The white part of the tractor beam is in the shape of a line with a spiral around it. It increases gravity toward its beam and its artificial gravity is more powerful than normal gravity and will pull any movable object towards the beam even if the object is at the bottom of the level.


  • The tractor beam is not seen in Cheese Dreams New Moon.

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