Toxic series
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The Toxic series consists of the following games:

The games are about the Hazmat Hero who is trying to destroy the robot factories.


Toxic is about the Hazmat Hero trying to destroy a robot factory, which is surrounded in acid. Its plot is very minimal in comparison to its predecessor.

Toxic II

Toxic II starts out with the Hazmat Hero saying that different robots had taken over a diffrent factory, and he had to destroy them. The Hazmat Hero teleports to the factory to find the AI, who works for Mother. The Hazmat Hero hacks him, and he agrees to open doors for the Hazmat Hero and help him.

Penguin 1

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The Hazmat Hero destroys the robots in each level until he comes to face Bigfoot. The AI thinks he is finished, but then the Hazmat Hero destroys Bigfoot. The Hazmat Hero again destroys robots through each level, until he meets Mother. Toxic destroys Mother, and then states that the world can get back on its feet again, then when he sees another Bigfoot robot, he says "Maybe not", and the game ends.


  • Toxic may be based off of Samus Aran from the Metroid series of video games.
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      Mother may also be based off of Mother Brain from the Metroid series of video games.
  • The story for the Toxic series might be based of the Terminator movie series, where robots are going to conquer the world unless they are stopped by one individual.