For the game, see Toxic.
Toxic arena

Toxic is an arena in Bump Battle Royale, serving as the fifth level in the campaign. This arena comes from the Toxic series where the Hazmat Hero fights robots in a robot factory.


The arena is square in shape with spectator stands on the left and right sides that act as barriers. It is impossible to fall of the left and right sides due to these barriers. The arena is black in colour with a radioactive sign on the floor in the centre. The arena floats in the middle of a lake of toxic liquid. Spectators that look like Nitrome employees sit on the stands and cheer the battle on.

Game information

The Toxic arena serves as the stage for level five in Campaign Mode. It is unlocked for Multiplayer mode once it is completed in Campaign Mode. The battle sets the player against Hazmat Hero, worker with cap, worker with shaved head, and worker with hair.

This is the first stage to introduce a hazard that incapacitates the player and other drivers. Every so often, a spectator in the crowd will hurl a basic bomb into the arena. The bomb will activate upon being touched by one of the drivers, and will count down from five before exploding and creating a shockwave. Drivers close to the shockwave will be temporarily stunned and vulnerable to attack. The explosion will also remove any boosts the player or other drivers received from picked up canisters.

Arena Specific Quotes

"Who threw that bomb in there?"

"Tick tock, tick tock!"

"Who threw that?"

"Watch out for that bomb!"

"Somebody call a medic for (insert name)!"


  • This is the first stage to have barriers that block an entire side of the stage.
  • The phrase "Somebody call a medic for (insert name)!" Is a very likely reference to the game Team Fortress 2.