Not to be confused with Turnament.
Tournaments are races held at the racing empire, unmentioned in Flipside and Rush until revealed in the ending.


Tournaments basically make up all the levels in Rush and Flipside. In tournaments, the player has to come in first on the last lap. If any other opponent comes in first, the player has to do the level over again. They will advance once thy complete the level, in first place.

Usually in the race, racers fight for first place. It is a good idea to stay in first place as long as possible, as it can affect the chances of winning. Although the player completes the level, the racers seen in the previous level appear in the next. Hazards and Obstacles are place throughout the level, and the tracks.

In Flipside, racers can't die; they are jut respawned when they hit a hazard. However, in Rush, hitting blocks and hazards will rain the player's health. If they lose all there health in Rush, the player will be eliminated, basically getting killed.

Frequently, racers in Flipside will get stuck on top of each other, slowing all the other racers, and themselves, down.

Penguin 1

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By completing all the levels in Flipside and Rush, the ending will show what the main player won. It seems that for the Flipside tournament, the racers were criminals who were forced to race.


There are two known tournaments, a Flipside tournament, and a Rush tournament. Names for the tournaments are unofficial.

Flipside tournament

Racer: Flipside racers in a flipside
Categories: One
Levels: Ten
Time: Night time
Known winners:

Red racer


Freedom from the prison

Track look

The almost all Track is made of grey bricks. Most of the bricks are curved.

Rush Tournament

Racer: Runner in a suit
Categories: Three
50cc: ten
100cc: ten
150cc: ten
Time: Winter, day time
Known winners:

Yellow runner


A gold cup

Track look

The track is made of brown metals, with pipes on the ceiling. The track always leads forward, never making any turns.

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