Colourblind allTotems
All six totem colours
Blue, red, green, purple, yellow and pink
Ability Reveal different coloured enemies or objects
Game(s) Colourblind

Totems are interactive objects in the game Colourblind. The totems are the main interactive object in the game, as they appear constantly on every single level in the game.


Totems appear either as tall paintbrushes or simple coloured easels, however, touching either of them will cause the same thing to happen. 

Game information

The totems are used by the right eye in order to reveal hidden objects in the scenario. These objects include platforms, enemies, hazards, crates and coins. The player needs to reach a totem and touch it in order to unlock the colour that is shown. Despite some of the objects unlocked being harmful to the player, if a colour is not collected, depending on the situation the player will not be able to complete the level. To erase all active colors, the right eye has to touch a waterfall.


  • Some hazards, enemies or platform can only appear in one color throughout the entire game:
  • The pink totems are the rarest colour of totem, appearing in very few levels.

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