Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities None
Health One blow
Game(s) Off The Rails, Super Stock Take

Tortoises are enemies in Off The Rails and a ware in Super Stock Take.


Tortoises have the appearance of a spiky blue turtle shell, with two black eyes gazing out of it. Their underbelly is a lighter blue colour, and has no spikes on it. They act sometimes as spikes in the game, and often appear in the middle of a road.

Game information

Off the Rails

Tortoises don't have an attack, but act more as hazards. They are typically found in the middle of a road, usually one is found. Further in the game they are found in small groups, in groups of three most of time.

If the player gets too close to them and halts, they may not have the opportunity to jump above them. Jumping is the only way to avoid them without blowing up. The player should try to gain a lot of speed before jumping over a group of Tortoises.

Super Stock Take

A tortoise appears as the ware of level fifteen.



  • Tortoises bear resemblance to blue turtle shells from the Mario game series.

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