A room in the tomb
Ruler Unknown
Location Desert
Inhabitants All Dead
Status Abandoned
Game Temple Glider

The tomb is the location the Egyptain bird is stuck in in Temple Glider.

Game Information

The Egyptain bird transports from rooms in the Tomb by going inside gold sarcophagi. The tomb has many hazards and traps outlining it.

Traps like crusher blocks, spikes, bull buckle chains and other hazards were placed in several ares of the tomb. Several gold objects, statues, and specially crafted pots were scattered around the tomb.

The bird later escaped the tomb, along with some of its treasures.


  • The tomb is seen to been several hundred years old.
  • Gold objects are scattered all around the tomb. In reality, treasures like this would only be in the chamber the mummy is buried in.
  • The blocks in the tomb do not seem to have any Nitrome references. Unlike the Hot Air, Twang, and Square Meal blocks in Onekey.

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