Tom McQuillan
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Occupation Website developer
First Game Loop
Last Game Loop
Joined February 2012
Left June 26th 2015

Thomas McQuillan[1][2], often just referred to as Tom, was an employee at Nitrome.


McQuillan joined Nitrome probably in February 2012, as this was the month he wrote his first Nitrome Blog post. He was hired to maintain and work on, but while doing that also writes blog posts. Tom left Nitrome June 26th 2015.


Tom McQuillan worked on and maintained He began working on 2.0, this version of being the first version of the site he worked on. He is credited in the credits section of 2.0 with "creating" the website. Although the word in this context could stand for him coming up with the idea, creating the website himself, or coding it, it is most likely he coded the website.

Occupation information

McQuillan were in charge of writing certain posts for the Nitrome Blog. Along with that, he worked on and maintained He began writing on the Nitrome Blog on February 25th, 2012 and made his last blog on June 26th 2015. He signed most of his posts with "by Tom", leaving out his last name, as everyone who writes a blog post at Nitrome does. He has his own Nitrome account called Tommy M.


Tom McQuillan participated in the 2014 Nitrome Jam, where he coded Loop in HTML5, a coding language normally used for websites. He has not made any games outside of the Nitrome Jam, due to his role as web developer not involving game development.


  1. Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage credits: Website[:] Thomas McQuillan
  2. - Credits - Created and maintained by Tom McQuillan


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