Toaster traps
Trap Toaster
Attack Firing flaming toast
Damage Death
Game(s) Office Trap

Toaster traps are a type of hazard in Office Trap.


Toaster traps are silver shiny toasters that will slide up out of the ground when the toaster trap pad is stepped on. The toasters are plugged into the wall behind them, but it is unsure how they plug themselves in.

Game information

Every four seconds, the tops of the toasters will get red hot, and the toaster will jump up into the air, while shooting three pieces of toast.

They shoot three pieces of flaming toast in different directions. The first piece is shot left-up diagonal, the second is shot straight upward and the third is shot right-up diagonal. If an employee gets struck by toast, they will burst into flames, and disintegrate. (which is the same effect on what happens if they are hit by a fireball).

The toast has flames trailing on the end of it, but the actual toast is not burnt. If toast does not does not hit an employee, it will continue along and fly off the screen. Toasters are only encountered in level 27.



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