Toadabit Jumping Toadabit
A sitting (left) and jumping (right) toadabit
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Jumping
Health One blow
Game(s) Ribbit

Toadabits are enemies in the game Ribbit. It is a cross between a toad and a rabbit, which is similar to Ribbit, who is a cross between a frog and a rabbit. They are first introduced in level two.


The toadabit has the body of an orange toad, with toad legs. It has white rabbit ears and feet, and two rabbit buck-teeth. The toadabit's skin has light orange spots on it with large pale green eyes.

Game information

Toadabits are always jumping. They take one jump every two seconds. Toadabits are dangerous on contact, meaning and their ability to jump makes it hard for Ribbit to jump over them, especially if they are in groups. When it jumps it's ears flap downwards and it's legs push off the ground. The only way to get past toadabits completly safely is to destroy them. This can be done by Ribbit when it is doing a super jump, which will cause the toadabits to turn a black, burnt color and fall off the screen.


  • The toadabit is a combination of a toad and a rabbit, two animals that are very similar to Ribbit's original animals, a frog and a rabbit.