Titan pink nanobots
Titan Red Nanobot
Attack Firing pink nanobot bullets
Health 1 blow from a pink bullet
Points 100
Game(s) Nanobots

Titan pink nanobots are enemy titan nanobots of the pink team in the game Nanobots.


Titan pink nanobots have a similar appearance to the regular pink nanobots, as both enemies share the resemblance to a mine. Titan pink nanobots have a pink head with two pink eyes close to the bottom, and on top three cylinders poking out.

Their bottom part has three cylinders poking out which are bigger than those of their upper part. Between the two parts is a pink hemispherical circle, suggesting a mouth. The titan pink nanobot heads, like the heads of all nanobots, can be seen bopping up and down in their sprite animation.

Game information

Titan pink nanobots are not spawned in great numbers as the pink nanobots are, except in level six, but are spawned in smaller numbers due to titan nanobots being more powerful. Unlike other titan nanobots, the titan pink nanobots do not increase in health, and are easily destroyed like regular pink nanobots.

Titan pink nanobots will more often fire pink nanobot bullets than basic pink nanobots, and fire them at a faster rate, greater range and accuracy, since the basic variation shoots at random directions while the titans shoot directly at the player. Titan pink nanobots are commonly encountered moving vertically near the edges of levels, and sometimes horizontally. Titan pink nanobots are commonly spawned in the levels, and are spawned in numbers of five or eight. However, in level six (the seventh level), huge waves of them are spawned of almost uncountable numbers.

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