Titan green nanobot
Titan green nanobot
Attack Unknown
Abilities Unknown
Health Unknown
Points Unknown
Game(s) Nanobots

Titan green nanobots are an unused enemy titan nanobots in the game Nanobots. Titan green nanobots are the titan nanobot of team green, although remaining unused in Nanobots.


Titan green nanobots resemble their basic nanobot counterpart, also having what seems to be spheres rotating around them. Titan green nanobots have the appearance of a large sphere with small black coloured outlined with green, on the edges of the large sphere.

Below their body is what seems to be other spheres. Titan green nanobots have two eyes on the large sphere, lack a mouth, but uniquely have eyebrows.

Game information

Titan green nanobots would have probably, if they were in the game, be spawned in small numbers, like the rest of the titan nanobots. It is also possible that the Titan green nanobot would use their team's weapon--the orb--like the other titan nanobots. Another possible attack would be like the yellow titan nanobot. In this case, the nanobot would have to be hit by multiple orbs to be killed.

Titan green nanobots are only seen on the second page of the help section in Nanobots, serving as an example of a green nanobot being able to be destroyed by an Orb. It is also possible that they were just added as an example.


  • The titan green nanobot is the only nanobot to have eyebrows.

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