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The Tiny Knight[1] is the main character in the game Tiny Castle.

He owns a castle which he rents out to people.


The Tiny Knight is clad in light blue armour, and has a brown-red cape. His sword is white, but glows a blue aura when used. The knight's helmet has a visor, where his eyes can be seen in the slit.

Game information

Character history

In the game, the Tiny Knight came back to his castle one day to speak to the princess (who was hanging in cage).
Upon entering the castle, he found it overrun with evil creatures, along with a black armoured knight who was rampaging across it, smashing things. As the knight traversed up the castle toward the princess, the princess's grandfather also occasionally manipulated the castle, trying to thwart the knight's upward trek.
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When the knight got to the top of the castle, where the caged princess resided, the big black armoured knight burst into the room.

The Tiny Knight slew the giant menace, and rescued the princess. He then questioned her about the whereabouts of the cheque for her rent, why the monsters were in his castle, and why there had been money in the monsters. After she could not answer the accusations, and allegedly lied about the cheque being in the mail, he evicted her and the wizard out of his castle.


The Tiny Knight is controlled with the Left and Right arrow keys to move, the Up arrow key to jump or climb ladders, the Space to attack with his sword, and the Down arrow key to teleport when in front of a teleporter skull, or swim downwards in water.

When in water, the Tiny Knight will constantly float upward, forcing the player to press Down to swim down and around things. If the Tiny Knight comes in contact with an enemy or hazard, he will lose one of his four health points. If he loses all four, then he will die and the level will reset to the last activated checkpoint. However, there are pick ups that the Tiny Knight can collect that will refill his health, such as mutton or turkey. He can also collect point items from killing enemies, such as gold coins. These will give the player points that will increase their score.

The Tiny Knight can also break down walls with four hits of his sword. After picking up a key by touching it, the Tiny Knight can walk up to a door and open it by coming in contact with it. After killing a walking fireball, the Tiny Knight will become engulfed in flames, allowing him to light any torches he walks past. Being caught on fire serves no other purpose, and the flames can be put out by submerging the knight in water.



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