In the game Mirror Image players will encounter various tiles that have functions that will help them on their way to completion of levels. Below is a list of them.

General appearance

The tiles appear as blue rocky pads that have various items, buttons, etc..

General game information

All of the tiles have various effects listed below.

Star tiles

Star tile

A star tile

Star tiles appear in tutorial levels and serve no purpose other than to show players the way to the exit. To serve this purpose they appear in long lines.

Sign tiles

Sign tile

A sign tile

Sign tiles, when clicked on, show a message that will help the player or expand on the story of the game. Note that signs, unlike other tiles, cannot be teleported onto or through.

Exit tiles

Exit tile

An exit tile

Exit tiles serve the purpose of being the level exit. Standing on one will complete the level. Note that if the player dies when landing on one, they will lose, not win.

Spike plate tiles

Standing on a spike plate tile will lower the corresponding colour of spikes. They only stay lowered while the warlock or one of his copies are standing on one. They come in three different varieties: bronze, silver and gold.

Item tiles

Item tiles have no function in themselves, but play host to an item helpful to the player. There are two types of item that can be on these tiles: magic mirrors and keys. Keys serve to unlock a gate that corresponds to the key's colour. Magic mirrors create a copy of the player.

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