Action Moves
Damage Medium
Game(s) Double Edged

Tigers are animals and weapons from Double Edged.


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Game information

Tigers appear rarely throughout Double Edged, appearing only twice in stage two and one, and once in stage three. They are, as their name suggests, tigers. They are quite strong and dangerous weapons, being invulnerable to all attacks.

It is possible for a enemy to knock the Spartan off a tiger. Tigers do not need to be knocked unconscious or held when used as a weapon; this is unlike the smaller animals in the game, the wild boars and chickens.

For the tiger to be used, it has to be jumped on. Once jumped on, it can be controlled, using almost the same controls used to move the Spartan, although it cannot jump. The tiger's attack (which can be executed by pressing <) is to leap forward at its prey. When its attack is used on enemies, it will usually knock them unconscious, disarming them of what weapon they currently possessed (unless they only have a dagger). One blow from any weapon, or several slashes from the dagger will usually knock the Spartan off a tiger.

The first tiger, seen in level three.

The Spartan is not the only character to be able to use the tiger, Enemy commander's and soldier's can also hop on to the beast when the Spartan is off.gladiators, priests of Hecate, red and green lizard men, and all types of skeletons are unable to use the dangerous tiger. When an enemy is on the tiger, it usually appears before a large group of enemy soldiers and commanders.


  • If a Spartan hits a tiger with any weapon, the screen will shake. The reasons are unknown.

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