Tidal wave
Afternoon Tidal Wave
A tidal wave in the afternoon
Ammunition Varies
Ability Goes past entire level
Action Moves
Damage 22 health points
Game(s) Mutiny

Tidal wave is a type of weapon in the game Mutiny.


The tidal wave appears as a swirl of water that is large at the bottom, but becomes shorter toward the top and then swirls into the middle. It is the largest weapon in Mutiny, and has a different colour depending on what time of day it is. If it is in the morning (level 1-5), it appears transparent light blue. If during the afternoon (level 6-10), it appears light purple. If during the night (levels 11-15), it appears dark purple.

Game information

The tidal wave is an immensely powerful weapon that comes in low quantities, and damages all pirates - regardless of what faction they are - on the field located near the bottom of the stage. Stages which contain high up platforms can be stood on to avoid the carnage of the tidal wave, as the tidal wave sweeps only the lower parts of the level and it's height cannot be increased or decreased. The tidal wave is very simple to use, the player has to simply select the weapon in the weapons menu, then click anywhere in the window to use it.

Once used, a giant wave will come from the right-hand side of the screen, moving at medium speed. It will eventually reach the end of the screen, ending the carnage. The tidal wave deals an immensely high amount of damage, taking away 23 points of health from whichever team summoned the Tidal wave, and 24 points of health from any pirate on the opposing team. Since all pirates on the stage - the player's and the opponents - start out with 28 health, any damage done to them prior to the coming of the wave will probably leave them with less than 24 health, and thus kill them when the wave comes.

If, however, they have more than 24 health before the wave comes, they will be left at very low health and very susceptible to any type of weapon. The tidal wave is best used when the player has very little of their own troops in the area the tidal wave will sweep, or when there are much enemies located at the lower parts of the level.


Click to send a huge wave across the bottom of the stage. It will affect all players it hits.


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