This article is about thumper bumpers from Nebula. For thumper bumpers from other games, please see Thumper bumpers.

Thumper bumpers
Thumper bumpers (Nebula)
Ability Bounces the new born sun on contact
Game(s) Nebula

Thumper bumpers are interactive objects in the game Nebula.


A thumper bumper is a dark green ball with a smaller light green circle in its center. Eight small dark green triangles surround the inner circle. When touching a bumper, it will flash orange.

Game information

When the new born sun touches a thumper bumper, it will bounce off the bumper on an angle. The bumper will then make a sound and flash orange. The player must be careful not to lose control of the new born sun when navigating around bumpers, as it is easy for the new born sun to bounce off a bumper into an enemy or hazard.

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