Thumper bumpers are interactive objects that has appeared in the main games Chick Flick, Twang, and in the mini game Go Go UFO. All thumper bumpers have a similar appearance and action.

General appearance

Thumper bumpers generally appear as a circle with an outside border of one colour, and the inside of that border another colour. In the middle of most thumper bumpers is a star.


Chick Flick

Thumper bumpers
Thumper Bumpers
Ability Bounces chicks/objects
Game(s) Chick Flick

Thumper bumpers are interactive objects in Chick Flick.


Thumper bumpers are depicted as a silver circle, with a blue circle in it, with a white star inside of that. They look similar to the thumper bumpers in Twang.

Game information

They appear only in the third level of Chick Flick, and are attached to the wall, and cannot be moved. If any chick or object hits a thumper bumper, it will ricochet off it, and bounce in another direction. Every time a thumper bumper is hit, it will vibrate and make a bouncing noise. Acorns and hearts will not bounce off thumper bumpers, but will pass through them.


Thumper bumpers
Twang Thumper
Ability Bounces Black Ball away
Game(s) Twang

Thumper bumpers are interactive objects in Twang.


They are circular, with a red ring around the outside, a blue filling in the middle, and a big, white star in the middle of that; they look similar to bumpers in the Sonic the Hedgehog series of video games.

Game information

In Twang, lines can go through them, but when Black Ball touches them, he will ricochet off of them in the opposite direction. They are placed usually between lines.


Thumper bumpers
GoGo Thumper
Ability Bounces Mini UFOs
Game(s) Go! Go! UFO

Thumper bumpers are interactive objects in Go! Go! UFO.


They are circular objects with a green ring around the outside, and red in the middle. A red cylinder can be seen below it, holding it.

Game information

Thumper bumpers stay on a spot, and if a mini UFO hits one, the green part glows, a noise is heard and the mini UFO bounces away. They are usually placed on curves, so the player should be even more careful while crossing one.


Main article: Thumper bumpers (Nebula)


  • There is a glitch in Chick Flick whereby small chicks will fall through thumper bumpers. Unusually, this glitch happens quite often.
  • The Chick Flick thumper bumpers look remarkably like the ones from Twang. In fact, the Twang thumper bumpers were likely based off of them.
  • The Twang thumper bumpers look remarkably similar to the shield of the comic book superhero Captain America.
  • Twang thumper bumpers are possibly a reference to the bumpers in the Sonic the Hedgehog series of video games.

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