RT Thumper

A Thumper

Thumpers are tools in the game Rubble Trouble.


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Thumpers is coloured like the rest of demolition crew's tools. It appears as an robotic machine with two legs. Garry sits in the middle and operates the machine.

Game information

When used, the thumper creates a shockwave that destroys everything on the ground level except buildings, metal, and safes. After this there is a small "recharge time" until it can attack again, but this can be surpassed by setting up a whole new thumper.

Thumper does the same amount of damage regardless of the location of the destroyable property. Introduced on level twenty-five of Rubble Trouble where there are two buildings on each side and a large oblong with legs. The player has to put the thumper in level between the legs and thump, which will destroy the bottom segment on one leg and cause it to rock. Quickly thump and then on the other leg. It will destroy two more segments. Repeat the first step until the oblong falls to the ground. Then destroy it with the thumper.

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