Ability Moving objects
Game(s) Rubble Trouble Moscow

Thrusters are tools that are introduced in the game Rubble Trouble Moscow.


Thrusters appear as a small, silver rocket booster-like object with a turquiose flame. It appears similar (in colour) to the lasers used by The Canaries.

Game information

Thrusters are used to push an object in a direction. More thrusters on an object will move the object faster. Thrusters can be placed on any block. When the thruster tool is selected, a ghost of where the thruster will appear appears.

When the player is happy with were they want to place the thruster, clicking will place it. Thrusters will be destroyed if the block they are attached to its destroyed. Thrusters can be placed on every surface, except destructible civilian objects. Thrusters appear between levels twenty and thirty.

Game description

Thrusters will push whatever object they are attached to in the opposite direction of the jet of blue flame.

They are only used in the space levels of Rubble Trouble Moscow.

They can also be placed on stationary objects, although they will have no effect on them.

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