Throwing orange enzymes are enemies that appear in the game Test Subject Complete.


Throwing orange enzymes appear as orange blobs of goo stuck together. They have a main body, consisting of a head, torso, and stubby legs, as well as a clump of goo resting on their back. This clump appears to be weighing them down, as they are hunched over. The rest of their body is also made of clumps of goo. They also have two small black eyes on their head. They appear to be slightly cooked orange enzymes, as they are always dripping goo and seem to be bubbling.

Game information

A throwing orange enzyme waits for Blue to come near. When Blue does, the throwing orange enzyme will throw a piece of itself, the clump of orange goo on its back. This orange enzyme never seems to run out of its own goo to throw. If Blue is hit by this clump of goo, or comes in contact with the body of the throwing orange goo, then Blue will die.

In essence, a throwing orange enzyme functions like a orange enzyme version of the sniper green enzyme. However, if Blue moves to the other side of the throwing orange enzyme, it will lift itself over to face Blue, which is not an ability of the sniper green enzyme. A throwing orange enzyme can be killed with one proton bullet.

Another attack of throwing orange enzymes is that if Blue is in close range, the throwing orange enzyme will use its body to attack instead of throwing goo.