Throw bombs
Throw Bomb
Ammunition 5
Ability No timer
Action Explodes on impact
Game(s) Toxic

Throw bombs are a type of bomb in the first Toxic game. They have no timer, and explode immediately upon hitting any surface.


Throw bombs are symmetrical. In the middle of the bomb is a square which can either hold the first letter of the bomb or the timer. Beside it are two red lines. Above and below it are flat metal parts, with handles on the raised parts. The handles are there so that it can be easily thrown.

Game information


Beta Throw bomb

Throw bombs are different from usual bombs, as throw bombs do not have timer or are planted. When used, they will be thrown a bit in front of the player, being thrown starting from Hazmat Hero's stomach and going down. They immediately explode when they meet any surface, producing a yellow usual normal sized explosion. They are rather useful, as they can be thrown instead of planted, and cause an explosion faster than usual bombs as throw bombs do not a timer.

Throw bombs do not reappear in Toxic II; no bomb is present in the game which has a similar effect or supersedes the throw bomb. However, all Bombs in Toxic II are thrown like the throw bomb, but a little lower. The throw bomb may have served as the basis for bombs being thrown instead of planted in Toxic II.


On page five of the Help section of Toxic, an image is shown of a throw bomb lacking the T on it.

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