This article is about robots from Toxic series. For robots from other games, please see Robots.

Three-legged robots
Attack Shooting compressed acid out of their head
Abilities Walking
Health One blow from a bomb
Game(s) Toxic

Three-legged robots are enemies that appear only in the original Toxic game, and do not reoccur in Toxic II.


The robot consists of a greenish-grey cylinder and three legs. The cylinder is facing to the ceiling and has a sphere located underneath it, which has some other parts underneath that. The three legs that are attached to the robot consists of three joints for each leg. The robot has two pink eyes.

Game information

Three-legged robots walk horizontally on platforms, and are much taller than most enemies. Even though they have long legs, they are not capable of moving on to another platform a little bit higher up than them. Three legged robots will fire compressed acid out of their cannon often; where or when they fire is not dependent on where the Hazmat Hero is. They often fire out acid when they turn around.

This acid will be shot high up in the air and land not too far away from where it was fired. This acid is quite easy to avoid, as it takes a long time to hit the ground. Three legged robots move slightly faster than usual robots, probably due to their long legs. Three legged robots, along with the robotic squids, do not reappear in Toxic II.

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