Three-eyed spheres
RBG 3 Eyes
A three-eyed sphere
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Can release a probe
Health Pink Bomb Powerup - One
Drill(RBGDN)Missile(RBGDN) - Varies
Game(s) Rainbogeddon

Three-eyed spheres are enemies in the game Rainbogeddon.


Three-eyed spheres are red spheres with three eyes and four blue legs. They look like blobs, because of the roundish appearance and the spike on it's head. The probe deployed appears as a red circle with four green legs.

When the sphere releases the probe, it will open its side mouth to release it. Once released, the probe follows the grey creatures until it heads out of range.

Game information

Three-eyed spheres are enemies which move at a usual pace, and whose movements are random. They do not chase the grey creatures, but simply wander around. Due to their slow movement and lack of an attack, they carry a special object to use against the grey creatures. When the enemy nears the grey creatures, it will become alarmed and release a small probe. This probe will home in on the grey creatures, and in less than fifteen seconds explode.

Since the three-eyed sphere follows the probe, it will often get caught in the explosion and be killed. The explosion created by the probe is the same explosion caused by enemies when they are killed. The probe does not present that much danger to the grey creatures, as it is very easy to avoid, but it cannot be destroyed with the drill or bullet. Three-eyed spheres are often encountered in groups of three or more.

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