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Thin Ice
Cut ice with skating skills to sink the snow beasts.
Released Flash: November 28, 2007[citation needed]
Nitrome Touchy
  • iPhone: October 31st 2012
  • Android: November 21st 2012
Play It, Miniclip
Levels 20
Genre Action
Websites, Miniclip

PC Mouse Left Click - For the Eskimo to skate (Eskimo will follow the mouse)

Prequel/Sequel Indirect sequel: Frost Bite 2
Credits Artwork
Mat Annal
Heather Stancliffe
Lee Nicklen
Thin Ice Menu
Thin Ice Main
Special First spin-off game
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Thin Ice is a spin-off from the Frost Bite series, released November 28, 2007. Like the previous Frost Bite game, the player controls an eskimo whose goal is to sink monsters on the ice. This game was one of the launch titles for the iPhone and Android Nitrome Touchy, launched on October 31st 2012 for iPhone and November 21st 2012 for Android.



PC Mouse Left Click Mouse - Move the eskimo around on the ice. The Eskimo will follow the mouse cursor wherever the player clicks and holds.


  • Iphone-steerTwist smartphone left/right - move eskimo left/right
  • Press skate button while skating - move on ice
  • Press boot button while skating - move and cut into ice


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Thin Ice has 20 levels, each with various enemies on the ice that the Eskimo needs to sink successfully without depleting all the energy.

Level 1

This level includes furry creatures.

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Thin Ice - Level 100:21

Thin Ice - Level 1

Level 2

There are four furry horned creatures.

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Thin Ice - Level 200:35

Thin Ice - Level 2

Level 3

There are three furry horned creatures and one furry creature. This level introduces the snowflake, clock, and lightning.

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Thin Ice - Level 300:46

Thin Ice - Level 3

Level 4

This level introduces snowballs. Two furry horned creatures and two furry creatures are present in this area.

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Thin Ice - Level 400:47

Thin Ice - Level 4

Level 5

This level introduces ice crystals, along with four-horned jumping creatures.

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Thin Ice - Level 500:31

Thin Ice - Level 5

Level 6

This level has six furry horned creatures and has snowballs rolling vertically.

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Thin Ice - Level 600:46

Thin Ice - Level 6

Level 7

This level has six bull beasts.

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Thin Ice - Level 700:43

Thin Ice - Level 7

Level 8

This level introduces spike sphere chains. The enemies for this level are three horned jumping creatures and three furry creatures.

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Thin Ice - Level 800:36

Thin Ice - Level 8

Level 9

This level has flying elephant heads and snowballs rolling left.

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Thin Ice - Level 901:02

Thin Ice - Level 9

Level 10

This level introduces the hazardous thin ice. Four furry creatures patrol the area.

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Thin Ice - Level 1000:54

Thin Ice - Level 10

Level 11

This level has four ice shooting creatures, three furry horned creatures, and two bull beasts.

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Thin Ice - Level 1101:12

Thin Ice - Level 11

Level 12

This level has a large number of spike sphere chains, and a lot of snowflakes to stop the chains. Four horned jumping creatures patrol the area.

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Thin Ice - Level 1200:51

Thin Ice - Level 12

Level 13

This level has four ice shooting creatures and thin ice.

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Thin Ice - Level 1300:44

Thin Ice - Level 13

Level 14

There are three furry horned creatures and four snowballs with a gap between them rolling horizontally. This is a small level, therefore it is difficult for the Eskimo to maneuver around the enemies.

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Thin Ice - Level 1400:48

Thin Ice - Level 14

Level 15

This level introduces five giant white walruses. There are also two furry creatures, and thin ice in various places.

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Thin Ice - Level 1500:53

Thin Ice - Level 15

Level 16

This level introduces the bird monsters. There are two adult, two youth, and two babies.

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Thin Ice - Level 1602:15

Thin Ice - Level 16

Level 17

This level has spike sphere chains, two furry horned creatures, and a furry creature.

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Thin Ice - Level 1700:40

Thin Ice - Level 17

Level 18

There are four adult bird monsters, and there are ice crystals.

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Thin Ice - Level 1804:07

Thin Ice - Level 18

Level 19

This level introduces the underwater worm. There are also four flying elephant monsters.

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Thin Ice - Level 1900:55

Thin Ice - Level 19

Level 20

The last level of the game. There are five giant white walruses, thin ice, and one underwater worm.

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Thin Ice Level 20 Ending00:50

Thin Ice Level 20 Ending


Penguin 1

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Thin Ice - Ending


  • Furry creatures - These enemies appear in Frost Bite and Frost Bite 2. They simply walk horizontally at a fixed slow speed.
  • Furry horned creatures - These enemies walk up and down. They have a fixed slow speed as well.
  • Horned jumping creatures - These enemies have horns and jump up and down while following. They move quickly, but they also move slow at times, especially when the Eskimo is not in their sight.
  • Bull beasts - Bull beasts will charge towards the Eskimo when they see her. They can fall into water by walking into it, or by falling after the ice beneath it has been cut. They move fast when charging, and slow when walking.
  • Flying monsters - These monsters drop eggs, which create small blasts, when they are flying. They can only be dropped into water while they are on land.
  • Ice shooting creatures - These monsters move around and will shoot out three pieces of ice that will go up in the sky, come down, and try to hit the player.
  • Giant white walruses - These monsters are big, and they will stay in one place. Their only attack is to jump up and make a large blast. They also appear in Frost Bite 2.
  • Bird monsters - They multiply a few seconds after they have been dropped in the water. These enemies are often difficult to sink.
  • Underwater worm - Once the underwater worm reaches the Eskimo's resting place, he will break out of the ice in an attempt to injure her. The player can see him by his shadow underneath the water.


  • Ice crystals - These will freeze the Eskimo in a block of ice for a couple of seconds. During this time, the player keeps the same momentum that she had while she slid into it. The Eskimo is also vulnerable to damage.
  • Snowballs - These will roll completely one way, respawn, and come back the same way again. They will not hurt enemies.
  • Spike sphere chains - These will be spinning, either fast or slow. If the Eskimo touches any part of the hazard, she will receive damage.
  • Thin ice - When the Eskimo skates on this, she will fall in it. The ice has small cracks in it, and the player can see the water underneath it.

Pick ups

  • BONUS letters - When the player picks up one of these letters by themselves, they won't get any points. However, if all are picked up, the player will receive 1000 points.

Frozen treats

  • Popsicles - All popsicles are worth 25 points. They are collected by making contact with them using the Eskimo. There are two types: green and orange.
  • Ice cream with sprinkles - 50 points
  • Ice cream with pink syrup - 50 points
  • Ice Cream with chocolate cookie - 100 points


  • Clock - Gives the player extra time.
  • Lighting bolt - This temporarily makes the player invulnerable to everything except falling into the water.
  • Snowflake - This freezes everything on the screen other than the player.
  • Heart - This gives a quarter of the player's health back.


Thin Ice Glitch00:13

Thin Ice Glitch

A bird monster gets stuck on the border of a level.

  • Sometimes a hole will not be made in the ice, even when the player made a closed shape. This often happens if the shape is rather small. Other times, it is rare.
  • Sometimes, the hole will never disappear. This usually happens with very small holes.
  • In the last level, the the letter "N" of the bonus letters, "BONUS", was missing. This has been fixed, however.
  • In any level with bird monsters, the smallest bird monsters can get stuck in the sides of the ice bordering the level. This is especially apparent in level 18, where there are many small bird monsters hopping around. While only occurring very rarely, this glitch prevents the Eskimo from drawing a complete circle around the bird monster, and thus the level must be restarted.

Nitrome Touchy version

Thin Ice is Nitrome Touchy compatible. The screen displays a top-down view of the Eskimo, with a button on either sides that read "Skate" and an icon at the top of the screen reading "Tilt". To move, the player must press and hold one of the "Skate" buttons, causing the Eskimo to glide forward. Steering is done by slightly rotating the device in the corresponding direction the player wants the Eskimo to turn in. They are required to make a small circular motion for the Eskimo to make a closed shape on ice, effectively cutting it away.

Beta content

Present in the game's code is unused frozen text for a hyphen (-), apostrophe ('), slash (/), and full colon (:). Also present in the game is a "sound fx holder" - what apparently what seems to be an object that would fit into a level editor. The "sound fx holder" consists of the word "sound fx:", followed by a name for each sound effect.

The "sound fx holder" is possibly the only remnant of what seems to be a level editor. Also existing in the game's code is an image that has an image of text, an image present for every specified sound effect. However, although all specified sound effects have an image, not all may have an actual sound effect to go with the given image.


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