This article is about thieves from Twin Shot series. For thieves from Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire, please see Thieves (Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire).

Abilities Stealing coins and powers, gliding
Health 3 blows
Points Determined by amount of coins possessed
Game(s) Twin Shot series

Thieves are enemies in the Twin Shot series.


Thieves have a manta ray-like appearance that is coloured orange. They also appear to be very flexible.

Game information

Thieves have the ability to glide, and take three hits to kill. They have the ability to pick up coins in the level, and once killed drop the stolen money. It is very dangerous enemy due to its gliding ability and coin-collecting capabilities. They can also steal power boxes, such as flying power or love arrow power. These power boxes will be released upon the thief being killed, however.

Thieves are introduced in level 24 of Twin Shot 2. These levels often have the player confined in a small area, with lots of jumping areas.