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Themes are an aesthetic part of Leap Day. Each level will be assigned a theme, with a corresponding background and platform aesthetics. Themes are not selected randomly, but instead follow a specific order. They do not influence level generation nor the various components of a level, as those are always dependant of the level seed. There are currently ten levels which are cycled through for every level. Furthermore, the "Tomorrow on Leap Day" room which appears at the beginning of every level will display a preview of the theme selected for the next day. Each theme has two distinct platform types which are used throughout the level. Smaller platforms however have default textures which are shared throughout all themes.

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Name Image Description Platforms
Castle[1] LeapDay theme Castle A medieval theme with mainly red and dark purple colours. The background is mostly composed of floating castles and giant vines. These elements are surrounded in clouds, and dead leaves can be seen falling. LeapDay platform Castle 1

LeapDay platform Castle 2
Spooky[1] LeapDay theme Spooky A gothic theme with dark and gloomy colourations. Many floating islands compose the background, decorated with purple trees and iron fences. Large intertwined tree roots are coming out of the sides and from the bottom of these islands. Behind, large wireframes and pointy hills can be seen. This theme has a stormy weather, with a constant rain covering the screen and occasional thunder. LeapDay platform Spooky 1

LeapDay platform Spooky 2
Waterfall[1] LeapDay theme Waterfall This theme is mainly turquoise, with shades of light green and blue. It mainly consists of a wide waterfall in the center, with some cliffs on either sides. Some large mossy beams will occasionally cross the gap between the two sides. Groups of purple mushrooms are sprouting on the rock faces, and some fishes can be seen in the water stream. LeapDay platform Waterfall 1

LeapDay platform Waterfall 2
Forest[1] LeapDay theme Forest This theme is set in a lush green environment. Most of the background is composed of foliage and tree trucks. Some leaves can appear on the sides with apples on them, and occasional fireflies will be flying across the screen. LeapDay platform Forest 1

LeapDay platform Forest 2
Magma[1] LeapDay theme Magma A volcanic theme with dark red and purple tones. The center of the screen is occupied by a large red volcano which will constantly emit dark smoke clouds. The sides are made of piles of skulls and bones. Most of these seem to belong to some enemies in the game or some characters seen in the starting room of each level. Some large chains will go across the screen, and some fire particles will be floating in the air. LeapDay platform Magma 1

LeapDay platform Magma 2
Windy[1] LeapDay theme Windy This theme has a windmill in the background. Small flowers are seen in the background, floating around. LeapDay platform Windy 1

LeapDay platform Windy 2
Desert[1] LeapDay theme Desert This theme has a dusty setting. The center of the theme has a large sun that is setting in the horizon. Around the sun, a silhouette of a pyramid can be seen, alongside vast sand dunes. There are multiple cacti set on platforms. Dusty wind blows continually across the screen. LeapDay platform Desert 1

LeapDay platform Desert 2
Space[1] LeapDay theme Space This theme, set in the space, contains several planets, and a space station with the word (Café). Asteroids can be seen floating around. Constellations of fruit are seen. LeapDay platform Space 1

LeapDay platform Space 2
Clockwork[1] LeapDay theme Clockwork LeapDay platform Clockwork 1

LeapDay platform Clockwork 2
Tropical[1] LeapDay theme Tropical LeapDay platform Tropical 1

LeapDay platform Tropical 2
Totem[2] A jungle theme with a big totem pole. LeapDay platform Totem 1

LeapDay platform Totem 2
City A modern theme showing a skyscraper under construction. Characters from the audience in the beginning of each level can be seen in the background working. A helicopter flies around and holds the words "Leap Day 24".
Beach[3] This theme is set in the beach. A wrecked ship can be seen, with a pirate flag on it. Ropes in an "X" can be seen.
Electricity This theme has a dark setting. Flashing lightbulbs are seen on the side. Waves occasionally go up the screen. A giant "Franken Yolk" is seen in the background, with electric towers.
Ice Temple[4] This theme is made up of ice bricks. Ice statues can be seen.
Snow Land[4] A theme with snowmen in the background.
Casino World[5] A theme set in a casino. Flashing lights can be seen in the background. The words "King Casino" can be seen in the background, and others such as "Fruit Burger". The music for the level is a remix of part of the music for J-J-Jump. Arcade1

Toxic Sewer[6]
Mud World[6]


  • Totem is currently the only theme to have its own unique music track. All other music tracks in Leap Day are used in at least two different themes.


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