The Machine is a character, hazard, and assistant of Dr. Nastidious in the game Test Subject Complete.

It also serves as part of the final boss of Test Subject Complete.

The Machine also appears in the background of some multiplayer levels of Test Subject Arena 2.


The Machine is covered in white metal that glimmers slightly. The top of The Machine is rectangular with a small rectangle coming vertically out of the far left side of it. A red triangle is placed near the right side of it and a cylindrical slot is next to the triangle. Below the top of The Machine near the slot is a digital clock with green digits that is rectangular. Beneath the clock are two white discs stacked on top of each other.

Downwards near the middle of the cylinders and a bit to the side is U-shaped object that is missing part of its side. Inside the U-shaped object is a white rectangle with a red circle in the middle the radiates red light. Above the rectangle are two dark coloured boxes and below the rectangle are three cables that connect it to the wall.

To the left and right of the white rectangle are several irregular shaped pieces. On the outside of the irregularly shaped pieces extend two small dark grey objects that have a small rectangle placed on top of their flat ends. Two larger white objects, that are very similar in shape, are near the dark grey objects and have a half circle with some metal coverings on their ends.

Game information


The Machine disguised itself as an unusual array of lights on the ceiling of levels seven to eighteen. When Blue discovered that the professor was dead, after escaping containment and moving - via a "I Tea" cup - to another part of Dr. Nastidious's base, upon inspecting the perimeter on level nineteen, the "I Tea" by The Machine, who had just turned around to fire at Blue.

The Machine's entire intent during level's nineteen to twenty-five was to kill Blue, which, it failed at doing.

When the professor in a Rex209 followed Dr. Nastidious into a room, The Machine fell to the ground and rearranged itself into a machine for Dr. Nastidious to use to kill the professor.

The Machine met its demise when it was destroyed by the professor, and likely was completely destroyed when Doctor Nastidious's base collapsed into the sea.

In game

Test Subject Complete

Levels 8-18

The Machine can be seen in the background, but does not do anything at all.

Levels 19-25

The Machine shows itself in the levels after Blue locates the professor, and tracks Blue with a reticule shown on screen. If Blue stops, the reticule will move over Blue and begin to fire a laser at Blue. The laser can be difficult to avoid, as the only way to be completely safe from it is to hide behind steel paneling or a transporter. Therefore, the player must carefully and quickly move Blue from steel panel to steel panel until the end of the level is reached.

Level 30
Penguin 1

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The machine will first try to crush the professor with its drill, but it will step back to take some speed. Avoid it by using the teleporter next to the professor, which leads him above The Machine, making it crash to the wall. Then, shoot the red ball. Every time this is done, a soldier will come, which the professor must destroy before concentrating on destroying The Machine.

When the soldier is killed, hide to the right side under the teleporter to avoid Machine's laser attack. When it has stopped, go under The Machine and it will drop down. Dodge it to the left and shoot the ball. Hitting it a third time is simple: get behind The Machine, when it starts to move around the stage, by using the teleporters.

When the Professor is behind The Machine, duck and shoot the soldier to make sure the professor doesn't get hit by laser. The machine makes one to five rounds around the stage. Before that, avoid the laser. When The Machine has done the one to five rounds, go under it, dodge to the right and avoid its drill attack by using the teleporter next to the professor.

Test Subject Complete - Level 30

Test Subject Complete - Level 30

Test Subject Arena 2

The Machine appears in the background of multiplayer levels 9, 10, 11, 12, 19, and 20 of Test Subject Arena 2. In game, it will try to destroy the nearest character to its reticule at the start of the match. The Machine will then continue to pursue that character with its laser reticule until the character is killed, by laser or by opponent. Upon the chosen character being killed by either force, The Machine will celebrate by spinning around.

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Level Speaker Quote Event Notes
Game's opening cinematic Unknown, presumably The Machine "Welcome Doctor Nastidious" (Nastidious pronounced Na-stid-ee-us) The opening of the game, after the startup
The opening is actually the ending of Test Subject Green
19 The Machine "Active scan operational. Search and destroy escaping enzyme." The start of level 19 Most of the quote is almost inaudible, notably the words "Active scan" and "escaping".
19-25 The Machine "You cannot hide forever" When the player hides for a moderate amount of time behind the metal that protects them from The Machine's laser
19-25 The Machine "I will destroy you" When The Machine fires its lasers and fails killing the player four times
19-25 The Machine "Stand still" When the player causes the reticule to come close to them, but the player moves to another location farther away from the previous location. This done three times will cause The Machine to say this. Due to the requirements for this quote to be said, it is possible to complete Test Subject Complete without hearing it, as the requirements for the quote are encountered rarely. This quote is most easily heard on level 23.
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Level Speaker Quote Event Notes
30 The Machine "Firing laser" The Machine is firing its laser and is being ridden by Dr. Nastidious
30 The Machine "Enemy located!" The Machine drops from the ceiling, when he spots the professor


Penguin 1

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  • The Machine seems to be based of several robots in popular culture, most notably the following:
    • The Machine resembles Auto from the movie WALL-E. It also has a similar purpose to Auto, as he is Doctor Nastidious's assistant, just as Auto is Captain B. McCrea's assistant. Also, Captain b. McCrea also resembles the Professor from this Test Subject series, the Professor being one of the protagonists.
    • The Machine may be based of GLaDOS from the Portal series, most notably GLaDOS's depiction in the first Portal, where she is shown hanging from a ceiling. Similar to The Machine, GLaDOS is an AI robot, talks to the player, and tries to kill the player by firing a laser rocket at them.
    • The idea of an evil, intelligent computer of this design originally came from HAL 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey.
  • The Machine's laser will kill Doctor Nastidious' mercenaries if it hits them during the boss battle.