Tetris blocks are tetraminos that appear in both the Nitrometris areas of Mega Mash and one level of Rubble Trouble Moscow.


Tetris blocks are made up of four Cuboy heads of the same colour, four of these Cuboy heads of a certain colour making certain formations. Below are the shapes made by the coloured heads:

  • Orange/purple Heads - L
  • Yellow heads - Block
  • Red/light green heads - Z
  • Light blue heads - Stick
  • Pink heads - T


Game information

Mega Mash

A shape can be rotated by pressing either Left and Right to move the shape in the respective direction. Pushing Down in Mega Mash causes the shape to move downwards more quickly. The blocks can be arranged to create rows which, regardless of coloured head, will disappear, scoring the player some points. In later levels, tetris blocks are also used to create paths in other game areas to help the interchangeable characters cross gaps or reach higher areas otherwise out of reach.

If the tetris blocks are stacked in uneven rows so that there is no more room for another block to make its way down, the player will lose one of their hearts and the tetris area will reset itself.

A block can be destroyed by the Moo King's fireballs. However, the player will not lose a heart if this happens.

Rubble Trouble Moscow

Rather than the arrow keys, tetris blocks are controlled with the player's mouse. The player's mouse cursor controls the horizontal movements of the block, while a mouse click rotates the tetris block. Unlike Mega Mash, tetris blocks in Rubble Trouble Moscow cannot be sped to move faster down as they come down the screen. Their speed increases gradually as the player continues to make rows of blocks.

When a full row of blocks has been made, a drill will fire through the row of blocks. Like Mega Mash, the player will lose one of their Minigame ammunition if the stacked tetris blocks exceed the height of the screen.