Test Subject series
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No. of games 3
First game release date 2 March, 2011
Latest game release date 16 October, 2013

The Test Subject series consists of five released games. Blue is the protagonist in each game, and must complete tests inside specially designed test chambers (except for in Test Subject Complete, where it escapes).

Each main Test Subject game is a puzzle platformer. The series includes three games and two spin-offs.

Main games

Test Subject Blue

Main article: Test Subject Blue

Test Subject Blue was released on March 2nd, 2011. In Test Subject Blue, the Scientist is testing a blue enzyme he created against his previously created orange enzymes. In each level, the player controls Blue and has to navigate him to the key card, then to the food pill.

Test Subject Green

Main article: Test Subject Green

Test Subject Green is the direct sequel to Test Subject Blue. It was released on May 10th, 2011. In the game, the Professor is attacked while testing Blue against his newly created green enzymes. The person responsible for the attack is Doctor Nastidious, who loots Xeno Industries and then destroys it, taking all the Professor's equipment as well. Like the first game, the levels are the same. New interactive objects, enemies and hazards are introduced.

Test Subject Complete

Main article Test Subject Complete

Nitrome announced on Tuesday, May 24th, 2011 that they were planning on making a sequel to Test Subject Green. The main plot of the game is about Blue attempting to prevent Doctor Nastidious from achieving world domination, as well as escaping The Machine and his base. Instead of using the proto-suit, Blue uses Rex209 instead. A second preview was published on their blog on February 15, 2013, that announced again its coming release. A preview image was also released. It was released on May 7, 2013.


Test Subject Arena

Main article: Test Subject Arena

Test Subject Arena is a spin-off of the Test Subject Blue series. The game has no plot or single player mode, rather it is multiplayer game to be played with a friend. The game has 14 stages, the objective in each stage to deplete the opposing player's supply of goo by destroying them. Player one controls a blue enzyme in Blue's proto-suit while player two controls a mimic green enzyme mimicking Blue's proto-suit. It is not canon in the Test Subject Blue series, and is merely a spin-off game.

Test Subject Arena 2

Main article: Test Subject Arena 2

A followup to Test Subject Arena, this sequel having more characters in the game, different arenas, and a single player mode.


The Test Subject series seems to have been influenced by the Portal series of video games. Both games are similar in that the player is a test subject, being led through tests by some sort of being (in Portal 2, the player no longer go through tests). Both games involve the use of portals, that when one is gone through, the player comes out another one. The player is made to complete tests by being rewarded with food, the same how Chell (the main character of Portal) is said to be rewarded with cake after completing all 19 tests in Portal 1.

Both games involve the player having to make hazardous energy orbs go through portals and activate objects, while having to avoid certain enemies that can home in on the player. The strongest reference to Portal is in Test Subject Green, where the player can go through blue and orange portals, blue portals and orange portals being the two portals the player uses in both Portal games.



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