This article is about blocks from Powerup. For blocks from other games, please see Blocks.

Tesla blocks
Tesla blocks with circuit
Ability Conducts circuits through air or ground
Game(s) Powerup

Tesla blocks are pieces and interactive objects introduced in level 7 of the game Powerup.


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Tesla blocks appear to be little metallic pieces with a pink light on a side.

Game information

A light in the Tesla blocks' centre indicates whether a circuit is flowing through them or not. If removed from the flow of the circuit, the light will turn off. At least two tesla blocks are always seen in the levels they appear in, because they can only conduct electricity amongst each other. These blocks, when placed close enough to each other, are able to conduct a circuit through the air or ground.

A gap can be left between the two tesla blocks and players will still be able to create a circuit for the two transformers. This may be especially useful when little pieces are provided for players to create a circuit. Players may need to use a lot of their pieces, however, so that the two tesla blocks are close enough to pick up signals from each other. This way, they can conduct electricity from each other into the other conductive pieces.


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