Tentacle reared shields
Tentacle Reared Shields
Organization Soldiers
Points -500
Weapons None
Ability Block enemy attacks
Game Bullethead

Tentacle reared shields are non-hostile objects in the game Bullethead. They are the only object to actually be sent in to aid the soldiers.


Tentacle reared shields are fully covered with a grey/green metal-alloy on top. Beneath them are four orange tentacles in the middle of the shield.

Game information

Shields are first introduced on level eight. A tentacle reared shield will fly onto the screen slowly. They will either come from the left of he screen or the right. They are there to protect the soldiers from oncoming attacks. The player will have five hundred points deducted from their score if they shoot a shield down. Shields will absorb bullet fire from enemies, as well as from the soldiers. They are only sent in during times of heavy gunfire upon the soldiers.

They are not indestructible because they show signs of damage over time. The soldiers should avoid damaging the tentacle reared shield, as they are used often to safely get through the level. They often serve as a nuisance as they move slowly, and prevent the soldiers from shooting an enemy in the right direction. If a shield is still present at the end of a level, it will stay in the same place at the beginning of the next level.


  • The tentacles underneath the shields possibly hints that the soldiers are an aquatic species or have put a creature inside the shield.

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