This article is about teleporters from Rockitty. For teleporters from other games, please see Teleporters.

Ability Teleports Rockitty and objects to different areas
Game(s) Rockitty

Teleporters are interactive objects in the game Rockitty.


A teleporter is a circle with two cat ears on the top, looking like a cat's head. The are blue with a ring of pink dots around them. The pink dots flash yellow and orange in a pattern. Two bolts are placed on the side of the teleporter. One of the bolts is smaller while the other is larger. Inside the teleporter are reflected stars.

Game information

Teleporters will transport the player, keys, enemies, and anything that enters them. The areas teleporters teleport to are usually other enclosed areas. Teleporters are useful for teleporting Rockitty to areas it couldn't reach normally. Teleporters are introduced late in the game, and are only used on a few select levels.

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