This article is about teleporters from Mirror Image. For teleporters from other games, please see Teleporters.

Teleporter tile
Ability Teleports the Warlock
Game(s) Mirror Image

Teleporters are interactive objects that first appear in level nienteen of Mirror Image.


Teleporters appear as small, grey tiles covered with blue, glowing, occult marks.

Game information

When the Warlock's teleportation line crosses a teleporter, it will continue out of the corresponding side on the teleporter linked to the one that the line crossed. Then, when the player lets go of the line, the Warlock will be teleported toward the direction of the line, through the teleporter, then through the other corresponding teleporter. The Warlock will land on a spot equal to the distance between him and the first teleporter subtracted from the distance between him and the line drawn.

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