This article is about teleporters from Magneboy. For teleporters from other games, please see Teleporters.

Ability Transports Magneboy to another teleporter
Game(s) Magneboy

Teleporters are interactive objects in the game Magneboy. They are first seen in level twenty.


Teleporters are referred to as "swirling shapes" when introduced into the game. The "spokes" are a darker shade of pink which spin around a pale pink circle. They take up a little more than one square of the grid background. There will always be two in levels which they appear in.

Game Information


The path of teleportation

When facing towards a teleporter, the player will be able to tell where it leads to. The dotted red line representing the path of the magnetic ability should travel into one teleporter and out the other until a magnetic tile is reached. The teleporters transfer Magneboy from one teleporter out to the other, useful for reaching locations that would otherwise be out of reach.

Not only can teleporters be used for moving Magneboy, but also for tiles. If the magnetic line traces to a tile, it can be taken from that location and used to make a path that can help Magneboy complete the level.

The ability of a teleporter is never lost. Magneboy can travel back and forth between them, so long as there are tiles that are within his magnetic reach.

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