This article is about teleporters from Fault Line. For teleporters from other games, please see Teleporters.

Teleporter pads
A teleporter pad
Ability Transports the player to the next level
Game(s) Fault Line

Teleporter pads are interactive objects in the game Fault Line, and are the main objective in all the levels of the game.


Teleporter pads appear to look like white platforms with three pink blinking lights beneath it. Also, two white containers are connected to the pad by pipes. It is unknown what the containers hold or what their function is.

However, they may be responsible for the pink glow emitted from the pad, as well as the floating pink and white squares that hover in the pink glow. The squares appear and disappear randomly. The containers may also be responsible for teleporting Zapo.

Game information

When Zapo is teleported into a room, it first lands on a teleporter pad, but one that cannot be used to exit the level. When Zapo finds the other teleporter at the end of the level, it will teleport the robot to the next level. The beginning and ending teleporter pads have different looks.

Restart pads - also in Fault Line - are very similar to teleporter pads. Also, when Zapo dies, if it has failed to reach a restart pad, he will respawn on the teleporter pad it came into the level with. The teleporter pads act very similar to red pads in the Toxic series.

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