This article is about teleporters from Twin Shot 2. For teleporters from other games, please see Teleporters.

Teleporter blobs
Tele Blob
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Teleporting
Health One hit
Game(s) Twin Shot 2

Teleporter blobs are enemies in the game Twin Shot 2.


Teleporter blobs are blob-shaped and blue. They appear in different areas of the stage the player is playing. Two small black eyes can be seen on what seems to make a "head" on the creature.

Game information

Teleporter blobs have the ability to teleport around the stage, although they sometimes choose to remain in the same place. They will continue to teleport around the stage until they are shot with an arrow. They take only one shot to be killed. Love arrows will affect groups of them, as sometimes more than one can be seen in a single level.