The teeny hero[1] is the main character of the icon game J-J-Jump.


The teeny hero is basically composed of two rectangles, which are presumed to be its head and body. Its eyes are two white pixels spaced out on either sides of its rectangular head.

A smaller purple rectangle makes up the hero's body, with two squares sticking out on the bottom of its body for feet. When stationary, the hero bobs its head up and down. When it dies, it explodes in a burst of pink ink. It is seen in considerably more detail on the logo for J-J-Jump.

Game information


The teeny hero is probably an alien, escaping from a planet that is flooding. However this is only a theory, as its actual intent was never specified.

After jumping up extremely high, it was picked up (or possibly abducted) by a spaceship at the end of the game.


Jump Meter

The jump meter (with one jump used)

During the course of the game, the hero is attempting to escape a flood brought on by heavy rain. The teeny hero can move left and right and can jump (using the arrow keys). However, it can only jump five times, after which it must find J-J-Jump juice or reach a checkpoint to get more jumps. Touching a checkpoint will fill the teeny hero's jumps to full when ever it is touched (this can be done unlimited times). Jump juice, however, will only grant one jump if collected, and will disappear after it is taken.

The hero can only store five jumps at a time; the remaining amount of jumps the teeny hero can perform are indicated by the five triangles at the bottom of the screen. Every time the hero jumps, one triangle of the jump meter floats up and disappears. Any contact from the side or top with enemies will cause the hero to explode and forces the player to start from the last checkpoint touched. Each checkpoint encountered in J-J-Jump has the hero's enlarged head on it.

Other appearances

  • Kraken skin - A high resolution version of the teeny hero appears jumping to two large tentacles of the Kraken.



  • The teeny hero bears some resemblance to Cuboy.
  • When the teeny hero explodes, the a sound effect similar to the one when Gunbrick explodes can be heard.
  • When the teeny hero dies, what is left over is similar to the residue left from enemies in Nitrome Must Die.


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