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Spider Attack
Attacks Following and charging at the flyswatter
Level 2.9
Health Eight blows to abdomen
Points Varies
Game(s) Pest Control

The tarantula, also known as the "Jungle Boss", is the second boss the player faces in Pest Control.


The tarantula looks like a big tarantula. When it follows the player, it has a dark head with two angry eyes; it also has two dark orange spikes that can hurt the player. Above the head, it has a large dark body with eight dark stripes with dark orange striped legs. When it is weak, it it coloured light grey and light orange, and has two sad eyes.

Game information

The tarantula will rotate and look at the flyswatter when it moves. It will then charge at swatter, then stop. It will also walk over to the swatter, sometimes chasing it.

Spider Weak

The tarantula when weak

It frequently turns yellow, giving the player the chance to strike its abdomen. Once its abdomen has been struck once, it will revert back to its red color. Its abdomen needs to be swatted eight times for the tarantula to die.

The abdomen can only be swatted once while yellow. Doing it twice while yellow may hurt the player as the tarantula might revert back on the second strike. Swatting anywhere else on the tarantula while yellow will injure the player.


When the player fights the tarantula, the player should swat it when its abdomen is yellow and avoid it when it is red. A good way to avoid the tarantula when red, is to move the swatter to a corner, wait for the tarantula to come, then move it again. The player should swat the tarantula's abdomen while yellow only once, if twice, or if the player hits anywhere else on the tarantula, the player will lose a heart.

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