This article is about tanks from Tanked Up. For tanks from other games, please see Tanks.

Tanks - Tanked Up
All six tanks.
Species Tanks
Health ?
Level(s) All
Status Alive
Game(s) Tanked Up

Tanks are characters in Tanked Up.



Tanks have a round turret on the top with the gun sticking out of it. They have a trapezoidal shaped body with treads on either side. On the back of the tank, two cylindrical exhaust pipes can be seen sticking out of the back.

The tanks come in six different colours: bronze, silver, gold, rust, green and beige, the last of which is the player's tank.

Game information


All the tanks raced around eight tracks, with the beige tank coming out the victor in every race.


The tanks can shoot their cannonballs from a cannon atop their body, but take a few seconds to reload.

They have a limited amount of health, but once it is fully depleted, they burn out.

Tanks (Party)

The tanks in the Party skin

Other appearances

  • Party - The silver, rust, bronze and beige coloured tanks appear in the Party skin.

See also


  • In the background of the menu of Tanked Up is what appears to be plastic parts of a model kit for the tanks. This hints that the tanks may in fact be toys.[1]


  1. April 1st, 2015 - Reply by Nitrome:@Frostyflytrap yeah that's kinda right!...@Frostyflytrap Although I guess it could be a giant model tank. And they are just made in the factory like a giant toy ;)

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