This article is about a tank from Tanked Up. For a tank from other games, please see Tanks.

Player tank
Player Tank
A tank from the side
Species Tank
Faction Good
Health 100 blows
Level(s) All
Status Alive
Game(s) Tanked Up

The tank is the main character in the game Tanked Up.


The player's tank appears to be a green/grey colour, similar to the colour that represents the American military. The tank has a small cannon barrel on top, which is attached to a rounded turret that can swivel. The turret is attached to the tank's trapezoidal main body with two exhaust pipes in the back. Underneath it all is a treads with thin plating over them.

Game Information

Game information

The tank is a green/grey colour and is the tank that the player controls throughout the whole game. The player must use the arrow keys to move it around, but the driving technique is different than in most games because the player is driving from one perspective - meaning that the arrows keys must sometimes be used to turn the opposite direction.

The up and down (↑ and ↓) arrow keys control the speed of the tank while the left and right (← and →) keys rotate the bottom half of it. The tank can shoot bullets out of it's gun turret when the player clicks the mouse. The turret on top will swivel to look at the direction the mouse is at, affecting the direction of where the player shoots. The bullet that the Tank shoots is simply a small black dot, and it will move in a straight line. Upon hitting something it will explode and inflict damage. All the opposing tanks can shoot as well.

Other appearances

  • Classic skin - The tank appears on top of a hill, shooting bullets, trying to pop balloons.
  • Party skin - The tank appears next to other various Nitrome characters
  • Nitrome 2.0 skin - The tank appears in the Nitrome 2.0 skin in a traffic jam, along with other Nitrome characters.
  • Shop - A remote-controlled toy and a shirt of the tank are seen in the shop's banner

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