This article is about tanks from Rubble Trouble Moscow. For tanks from other games, please see Tanks.


The tank

The tank is a tool in the game Rubble Trouble Moscow.


It appears as an green army tank. It has antenna near to where Garry sits. Below that, there is a Russian flag design. Its treads are armoured on the sides. It has red Soviet star and Gun Barrel.

Tank select

The tank select button

Game information


The people of Moscow gave the demolition crew a tank to use, however it is always driven by Garry, who seems to really love it. The tank appears to be at least twenty years old as it still has a Soviet red star on it, in addition to the modern three colour Russian flag.


The ammunition used generates a huge smoke plume when fired. The explosion will destroy anything within the radius of its blast.

The sound made by the gun is the same sound made by the Thor's Hammer gun in Steamlands.


Game description

Move the tank to where you want to deploy it and then click with the mouse to place it. Aim with the mouse and then click to fire. Be careful, tanks are very destructive!!

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